Karli and Matt Nesby(non-registered)
Nelly, we were so incredibly blessed to have you photograph our special day!!! We could never thank you enough! You're extremely talented and every single picture shows that. The photographs of that day will be with us the rest of our lives and we so thankful to you for capturing every special moment the way you did. You truly did a fantastic job and we look forward to sharing MANY more happy memories with you in the years to come! From the bottom of our hearts, Jeanelle....thank you!!!
Amy Cullen(non-registered)
I love your photography! You're truely an artist! You have an amazing gift and that beauty shines through each of your shots. Thank you for sharing
Angee Sorensen(non-registered)
You are an amazing photographer.
221 Industries(non-registered)
Thanks you J! You are so talented, and our company is so greatful to have you with us, and so excited for the future with you! Thanks Again!
Lara Smith(non-registered)
Thanks Jeanelle for the wonderful pictures. They all turned out great! The kids responded so well to you and it shows in the pictures you took. All of us will enjoy them forever! Thanks again!
Lance Nichols(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures. You gots talent
McKenzie Markle(non-registered)
Absolutely LOVE the outcome of our pictures! You don't usually find someone who is soooo fun and easily communicates and directs the kids' movements all while having a professional outcome. A "must" photographer for anyone with children! Thanks, Jeanelle, my whole family will treasure these photos for a lifetime!
Della Pauline:)(non-registered)
Jnell! i love love a lot! amazing such great idea! on all of this. u inspire me soo much on all of my photos. u give me ideas for all of my things! thank you so much!
Montana Mara(non-registered)
As always, beautiful photography Jeanelle!!!!! :)
Gma D(non-registered)
ur on a roll! This makes me so proud of u! I know this is ur niche in life! Go 4 it! CONGRATULATIONS!
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